The men pictured below are all graduates of our Certificate of Biblical Studies Program at Well of Life Bible Training Center. Each Man is already pastoring his own church or serving as a deacon, elder or evangelist. We are proud to provide an umbrella of spiritual covering for these ministers. After proving themselves faithful in ministry we give them a ministerial licenses for preaching and teaching credentials. Only after 2 years of faithful ministry and family life we carefully select those ready for Ordination. They all live by faith in the work of the Lord. Their church members are very poor so they do not receive any salary. Nepali Christian in remote areas such as here in Eastern Nepal, give so little tithe and offerings rather they most often give a tithe of their harvest of rice and produce. ^_^

Please pray about choosing one man to support monthly with $30 which will feed his family each month so he can be free to serve the Lord full time. $50 per/mo. will give him extra money to travel around doing evangelism. If you can not give finances please commit to praying for these men daily. Thank you!

You can make a financial donation by clicking on this link: donation page