Pastor Kaji’s Orphan Home

Pastor Kaji Kandangwa and His wife Binu have the biggest heart for children as you can see in these picture they love children. Their home has so little room for such a large family but when you live in one of the poorest countries in the world any home is better than no home, especially for these parent-less children.

Our Nepal Missions ministry is supporting these children monthly with financial aide that helps Pastor Kaji and his wife to provide food, shelter and clothes for these sweet children each month. Please pray for this family and consider adopting one or more children to support with your monthly financial contribution. Thank you!

Showleen Orphan Children

Please click on each picture below and view these Parent-less Children of Eastern Nepal who are forced to live in difficult situations as the country of Nepal and it’s government has no welfare system. Christians seem to be the only ones who have the God-given compassion to take these homeless children in and provide a warm loving atmosphere to care for them. With your donations we are helping these children in a real way!

Our Ministry is providing financial support to the Showleen Orphan home. Please have a close look at the pictures and pray for these children. Please choose one or more children to provide financial support monthly. This money will buy food and clothing for them on a regular consistent basis.